Happy New Year!

With the beginning of a new year and looks like snow is here to stay in northern Michigan, let the training on snow continue.
As a classroom teacher I am sure many of you finishing your long range plans for a theme of sled dogs/ Copper Dog/ Iditarod into your plans.
Send your questions regarding sled dogs, their training, their daily care, or preparations to teamwork send them to this blog site and I will be happy to answer them or get help from experienced mushers or vets.

Pictures here is a training run by my yearling team over the holiday break along the trails near McMillan, Michigan.

Trotting into 2015

Trotting into 2015

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Fall Training

Training for a team or individual athletic is a journey. Every sport has their goals, expectations, and pre-season training routines. At our school I coached the middle school cross country runners this fall beginning with our pre-season conditioning and learning their individual paces.

For the musher and their team of dogs, the fall season of training will begin when the temperatures drop below 50′ normally. The musher ( coach ) makes a commitment to be diligent to prepare their team for the season. For the dogs, it is what they love to do- run! It is a time for the dogs to build muscle, strength, and endurance.

For my team I take advantage of the opportunity to run near home and in the UP of Michigan. we have wooded trails or use seldom traveled gravel roads to run using the non- motorized Risdon Rig, that is great for training a small team. The blending of my dogs with the female yearlings at Nature’s Kennel in McMillan happens on the weekends. It is an opportunity to train the larger 12-14 dog team with a quad.

Fall training is can be accomplished with different schedules and routines but it is the journey that builds and grows throughout the winter season

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Ready for a Training Run!

Inwood Training

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Let's play!

Let’s play!

Welcome back to a new school year and a new season of training teams of sled dogs. I am Lynne Witte teaching 24 young 2nd graders. My Iskristal Kennel is privileged to team with Tasha Stielstra of Nature’s Kennel from McMillan, Michigan. Under Tasha’s leadership, the female yearling team, my seasoned leaders, and I will be training and racing around the UP of Michigan.

A late summer trip to Lake Superior near Grand Marais was a quiet serene ending to a summer of relaxing and playing.

Looking ahead to the start a new start of a new season is always exciting. For the little kids or young pups the anticipation is exciting!
Grand Marais<a

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Paws to Plan

MissiOnaway2Welcome to summer teachers, parents, and sled dog enthusiasts! When you are relaxing at your favorite summer get away, if you have questions you’d like answered for your students, topics to discover more about, or ideas to share, please share your comments. Let’s share some great learning experiences for our students.

Mississippi pictured here during our camping trip to Black Lake near Onaway.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Puppies EatPuppies ChasePuppies PorchAnnouncement Mother’s Day is a great day to share an adult dog and her growing pups. The young pups are a pile of puppies who grow to hang out on the porch catching a few rays of sunshine. Within weeks the pups are ready to eat on their own and love to interact in puppy games of run and chase.

So often I hear from a parent how quickly their preschooler is already graduating from high school!

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Is This Really Spring?

DiggerThe kids are ready for to get out to play some soccer, baseball, and ride their bikes. We look forward to heading out to recess without our snowpants and boots. The sled dogs are ready to please and enjoy time with their running buddies. The kids have enjoyed some Easter egg hunts but a twist in the weather pattern brought the kennel near McMillan with 8 inches of new snow. Howls and jumping dogs let us know we are ready for one more run through the trails with a sled instead of our bike. Just like the kid winter clothing we need to keep our winter running gear close at hand.
Pictured above is Digger howling with excitement to let his kennel mates “Let’s Go! We have fresh snow!”

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