Lynn Witte is CopperDog’s first ever Teacher on the Trail and is a true teacher on the mushing trail. As a elementary school teacher AND an active musher, she will be reporting in throughout the year, detailing her training, animal husbandry, and keeping us informed about how she prepares for a race. And as a musher participating in the CopperDog 40, she will be writing about her experiences during the actual race, February 28, 2014.


Lynn Witte, races out of White Thunder Kennel of Luther, MI. She got hooked on mushing by going to the Iditarod in Alaska. She is a school teacher who also enjoys canoe racing, cross country skiing and skijoring. Her leaders are Puddle who is pretty smart and Timber who has good experience.

A team of local teachers is also doing a Teacher on the Trail project with CopperDog. Throughout the year this team of Teachers on the Trail will be reporting on CopperDog activities, creating curriculum and other projects for school teachers to use in their own classrooms, and helping CopperDog expand its educational outreach.

Please keep checking for further developments!

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